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The Course of Superhero Romance

Dr. Raymond Keyes had all but given up on ever finding a relationship. Although brilliant in a laboratory and eloquent at conferences, he was all too awkward and tongue-tied around women to find the right one. Then, of course, the whole superhero gig didn't exactly help - spending his nights as Positron, knight in shining body armor and scientist of the Freedom Phalanx, didn't leave him much in the way of free time, either. So he was understandably surprised when a relationship found HIM... and his life would never be the same. 


Dr. Sorina Tavarisch somehow never had life go as she'd planned. Her quiet life went out the window when the world was invaded, and her skills as a physicist and electrical engineer, desperately needed in time of war, drew her out of her laboratory and onto the battlefield. Finally, after five years as a soldier, and then three more as a superhero scientist with the Star Patrol, she thought she had everything under control. Until she asked a colleague and fellow hero out for dinner one night... and life turned her whole world upside down yet again. 


Now two of Paragon City's smartest scientists are about to get a crash course in relationships, whether it's a date interrupted by a Rikti assault, putting up with teasing teammates, or dealing with a group of supervillains whose sole goals are taking over the world and killing them in the process. 

But some things are just beyond any rational, scientific explanation... one of which happens to be love. 

Fighting crime. Falling in love. Saving the world. It's all just part of... 


A novel set in the CITY OF HEROES universe.

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